Incubator  Program

The current healthcare system cannot effectively address the accelerating rates of chronic disease, including cancer. While industry sectors such as primary care, specialty clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical and insurance companies all play an important role in cancer, disease trauma, and chronic disease care, the burgeoning wellness industry is being bolstered by a rapid growth of supporting clinical evidence. As a result, patients are actively seeking health and wellness solutions that can fit into a health and wellness lifestyle.

The Purpose

To support the mission of the Cancer Wellness house by partnering with therapy businesses that need space, training, and referrals

The Need

Translating integrative medicine into community programs

The Process

Step 1. Applicant submits application to incubator program (w/ license & background check)

Step 2. Application is reviewed

Step 3. Applicant is interviewed for opportunity

Step 4. Committee approves applicant

Step 5. Applicant is notified for scheduled training

How to Apply

Fee Schedule

Group Meeting Room: $15/hr or $75/day

Private consultation Rooms: $7.25/hour

Yoga Studio: Group Yoga Session $7.50/hr or $150/day

The Cottage Building:  $7.50/hr or $50/day

Acupuncture/Massage/Reiki Rooms: $7.25/hr, $100/day

Monthly & Annual rates available

The Facility