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You may talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? Kiera Lucich, owner of Smart Move Wellness, is a movement coach and rehabilitation specialist with a unique perspective: the way you move is who you are. 

Most people have a hard time owning their chronic pains, physical limitations, illnesses, scars, long lost fitness goals and sedentary habits, but truthfully, how you move is a direct result of your life experiences and habits. Deep down we know how we want to live, but if you have ever tried an exercise program or a diet, you know how hard it is to make long lasting changes towards wellness. Smart Move Wellness is a movement coaching and rehabilitation program to fill that missing piece between where you are right now and your wellness goals.

Smart Move Wellness takes a unique perspective to rehabilitation that combines applied neurology, 15+ years teaching movement and a compassionate lens for working with people who have been told they will never get better.

Neurological research over the past decade has revealed that the brain can be retrained indefinitely. You may be familiar with this term, neuroplasticity. Your chronic pain, balance problems, and immobility can all be rehabilitated if you focus your training brain, how it perceives information, how it processes information and how it uses that information to move you through the world. Now, when I mention neuro-based anything, people think there are electrodes and fMRI involved but that is not the case.

The way you move reflects how your brain is functioning and with that information you will learn brain-based exercises to stimulate, rehabilitate and break old habits of chronic pain and immobility. Smart Move sessions are tailored to your unique history, present movement habits and future wellness goals. As I mentioned above, how you move expresses a lot about you. What are you trying to express?

Kiera Lucich, owner of Smart Move Wellness, is a movement coach and rehabilitation specialist with a unique perspective: the way you move is who you are. Her range of offerings share a common goal of helping clients live a joyful, mobile, and pain-free life. For a free consultation or more information visit or call Kiera at 385-429-0515."

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Smart Move Wellness

Smart Move Wellness is a Godsend for me. I had a liver transplant a little more than a year ago. This type of surgery has a long recovery time and you are at great risk for a hernia, as well as, other complications for the better part of a year. I started doing Restorative Yoga with Kiera Lucich, (Smart Move Wellness founder,) a few months ago as soon as they lifted my activity restrictions and the results have been phenomenal. My balance and stamina improved immediately, and I get stronger and more flexible each session. She intuits exactly the right things to do each week. She is amazing. Thirteen months ago I had what my surgeon calls, "The Superbowl of Surgery", and now I am playing some of the best golf of my life. My doctors are very happy with how well I am doing too. Thank you so much Smart Move Wellness and much love to you Kiera.

Jack Foriska, Cancer Survivor, Transplant Survivor